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ReBound and Ultra Mind & Mood are the only supplements that combine advanced science with trusted herbs synergistically combined with nutrients for maximum effectiveness. With ReBound and Ultra Mind & Mood, you receive a natural balance of essential nutrients for body and mind to function at your very best.

ReBound is at the top of the best immune supplements because it provides complete immune support. ReBound provides extra immune system protection and recovery that can minimize symptoms and relieve suffering by providing your body with essential vitamins and antioxidants for vital immune system support.

Ultra Mind & Mood is a breakthrough combination of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and other natural brain-boosting compounds selected and synergistically combined to achieve comprehensive brain support for improved mood, enhanced mental clarity, improved memory and increased concentration

Purx ReBound Our PURX Health cognitive system science provides memory enhancement Purx ReBound Purx Ultra PURX Health: Immune System Science PURX Health: Cognitive System Science

About Ultra Mind & Mood

Ultra Mind & Mood is an all-natural, alternative for peak mental performance and mood enhancement. Ultra Mind & Mood contains 26 brain-boosting vitamins, amino acids, and herbs chosen and selectively combined for their powerful effects on mental performance and mood enhancement.

Ultra Mind & Mood is NOT a Drug.

The combination of all-natural ingredients increases a healthy flow of oxygen and blood to the brain, delivering vital nutrients to improve and maintain cognitive performance. Learn more

About ReBound

ReBound is an all-natural wellness product designed to promote daily well being. We use immune system science to create innovative nutritional supplements that enable our customers to feel and perform their best. Take ReBound to recover quickly from exposure and to provide extra immune system protection.

ReBound is NOT a Drug.

The all-natural energy boost and wellness benefits that PURX ReBound customers enjoy come from our proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients scientifically formulated to elevate and maintain the immune system. Learn more

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PURx Ultra Mind and Mood

The speed at which information and business decisions are developed and implemented requires top mental sharpness and clarity. In order to compete and succeed in today’s demanding environments, functioning at a high mental level is crucial. Today's busy and demanding lifestyle can contribute to inefficiencies in mental preparedness and performance, thereby leading to a degree of anxiety. Anxiety in everyday situations can cause mood swings and loss of mental balance, which can negatively impact personal and professional relationships. Purx Ultra Mind and Mood was created for the advancement of mental performance, memory and mood enhancement.

PURx ReBound

Even if you maintain a healthy diet and get regular exercise your immune system is constantly being challenged by environmental factors. Stress, anxiety, travel, crowd exposure and a fast-paced lifestyle can silently aggravate an immune system and quickly deplete essential levels of vitamins and nutrients. Purx ReBound was created to serve as a natural reinforcement and defense for immune system protection and recovery to deal with the many factors that can lead to fatigue, low energy, poor health and seasonal irritations.


All through high school I spent a bunch of money trying out different prescription drugs to find the one that would help me focus the best. After burning through adderall, concerta, vyvanse, daytrana, methylphenidate, and a few others, I found they all just made me feel weird and didn't really get the job done. Then my friend told me to try PURx Ultra Mind and Mood. I'm so glad I did! It works so much better than anything else I've tried and its helped me so much to concentrate in college. thanks PURx!

Will D. 10/04/2012

Today I was feeling particularly lethargic (like my head was in the clouds). One of my co-workers asked me to try PURx Mind and Mood. Before long I got a burst of energy. I didn't feel jittery or artificial, just focused and energized. About an hour after taking Mind and Mood I went to the gym. It was one of the best workouts I've had recently. This stuff is great!!

Jackson F. Boston, MA - 11/01/2012

This product is absolutely amazing. The first thing I noticed after taking two pills for the first time was an enormous increase in overall clarity. I could see clearer, and hear clearer. I also was able to focus on day to day projects better. The energy that it gives the body is immense, yet not AMPED UP like you would get in a 5 hour energy. It's good clean energy with 0 crash. I am going to keep purchasing this. Thanks! 5 stars.

Joe S. - 09/04/2012